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Beds + Bedding

Over many years in the Industry providing comfortable sleeping environments, Beazley's and our Bedding factory have taken feedback from thousands of guests, coupled with research and development   and implemented our own range of Commercial Bedding. 

Bedding made for the Accommodation Industry is very specific. They need to be comfortable for the average guest, commercially viable, sympathetic to the housekeepers and present well. Most of all they need to provide an outstanding sleeping experience. 

Our range has been developed to provide these qualities at each level of the market. From our entry product up to our supreme Luxury Pillow top, latex Beds, there is a product to suit every Budget and every market and every guest. Furthermore we can assist in the inconvenient process of taking away the old beds and distributing the new. 

It's tricky, lots of fancy terms, so let us talk you through it. Give us a call and we can assist you with pricing and the right product selection, or to give you an overview go to our download page and check out the Brochure. 

02 9543 4162
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